The Dance Academy of State College is a State College institution that has been serving the Centre County area for over 40 years! The current director of the Dance Academy, Lisa Novak has been guiding the school since 1996. Classically trained in ballet, Lisa Novak has instructed dancers that have gone on to attend the Juilliard School, dance in the world renowned Alvin Ailey company, and perform on Broadway, in addition to many other companies and locations.

We believe that dance should be fun, entertaining, and beneficial to the body and spirit of the dancer. We offer classes for every level of dancer in a variety of styles in order to suit each students specific needs.

Our class offerings are diverse, reflecting the community in which we live. We have classes for all ages in many popular dance styles. Many of our staff have been with the Dance Academy first as students, eventually participating as student aides, and finally transitioning to instructors. This long tenure ensures that the core values of the Dance Academy are infused into our staff and our dancers.  Many students have continued to dance throughout their years at University, and continue to teach and participate in their dance communities.

Our unique approach to dance has helped to solidify our reputation in the community as a studio with a fun and enriching atmosphere, a rigorous and diverse dance program, and vibrant and engaging instructors.


At the Dance Academy of State College we believe that dance is a wonderful way to instill discipline and critical thinking in young dancers as well as help to create balance in the older dancer. Dance is a creative discipline that provides all with a productive form of exercise and self expression. We wish to help dancers further cultivate and hone their skills in order to express themselves more effectively in everyday life as well as in the studio.


At the Dance Academy of State College we strive to provide an environment in which students feel comfortable to express themselves and experiment with their movement in creative ways. In order to provide this environment we aim to approach instruction through constructive criticism and an optimistic disposition. 
Each of our teachers is trained in executing the best quality instruction, and we are adamant about encouraging our students to maintain positive and supportive interaction among their peers.


Above all, we want dance to be a fun learning experience for everyone! Being able to express oneself effectively in a creative way and helping another to reach their potential are moments that we cherish. We wish to help students fulfill themselves creatively and we are overjoyed that we are able to aid in the process!
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